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Downtown Chicago Red Light and Speed Cameras

Chicago Automated Speed Cameras

Chicago Automated Speed Cameras

We all know that red means stop, right? If there’s a red light, you shouldn’t gun it to try to go through the intersection.

What if you’re out in the intersection when the light turns red, though? Then what? Common sense says don’t get out there to begin with, but if you find yourself there, you have to turn or back up to avoid getting hurt and to keep traffic flowing. But in many locations the city of Chicago will ticket you, even if there’s no police officer in sight, nor a traffic stop made.  A ticket will just magically appear at your home at the beginning of the month, which you you will need to pay or appeal.

There’s lots to do this weekend in the city, such as Taylor Street Festa Italiana in Little Italy Friday – Sunday, the Air & Water Show on the Lakefront  Saturday-Sunday, the Great American Lobster Fest at Navy Pier Saturday – Sunday, and the South Shore Summer Festival at South Shore Cultural Center on Saturday.  While I highly recommend biking, walking, skating, or taking public transportation to each event, if you do drive, be aware of the red light cameras at the following downtown intersections:

Illinois and Columbus, Northbound and Southbound
Canal and Roosevelt, Northbound and Westbound
Lasalle and Kinzie, Northbound and Eastbound
Clark and Chicago, Eastbound and Westbound
Halsted and Roosevelt, Eastbound and Westbound
Halsted and Madison, Northbound and Southbound
Ashland and Madison, Northbound & Westbound
Halsted and Division Northbound & Westbound
Ashland and Division Northbound & Eastbound

Speeding has become a hot item for the automated cameras to document as well.  Major intersections, as well as park and school zones, have been making the city loads of cash recently. Reduced speed school signs have been changed from hourly displayed times to WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT, which means not only do you need to check the sign, but you also need to look all around you to make sure there’s no kids walking. Think you’re safe because it’s summer? Think again….schools start at different times of the year and some schools offer summer school. Bottom line: always drive the posted speed limit and not one mile/hour more. Here’s the major downtown automated speed camera locations:

450 N. Columbus Drive, Northbound and Southbound
319 E. Illinois, Eastbound
630 N. State Street, Northbound and Southbound
18 W. Superior, Eastbound
19 W. Chicago, Eastbound and Westbound
115 N. Ogden, Northbound and Southbound
140 N. Ashland, Northbound and Southbound

For a complete list of automated red light and speed cameras in the city of Chicago by map, visit

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