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Spring Cleaning

Jean Ward - Chicago Lake Condos - Spring Cleaning

Easter’s on the horizon and what if the bunny can’t make it to your house because the winter debris hasn’t yet been cleared from your yard and walkway? It’s time to pull it together, folks and get your spring cleaning done as warm weather and sunshine is right around he corner!  Follow this checklist of home projects to get prepared for the season:


Clean up the trash and leaves from the yard, pull any leftover weeds and dead plants from last season, and put down a herbicide. Check to make sure your sprinkler system is in good working order, and turn on water supply to external water spickets, and test to make sure no leaks. Clear sewage drain grates of leaves and debris so that they’re ready to accommodate spring showers.

Decks and Patios

Clear debris and hose off patios. Check for cracks and rotted wood on your patio/decks. Make sure railings are stable and repaint/refinish if needed. Clean, stain, and reseal your deck.

Entry and Garage

Check for cracks in foundation, steps, and in brickwork/siding on your home. Make repairs before they increase in size. Check for functionality on entry and garage doors and locks.

Roof and Chimney

Examine the roof for winter damage and repair as needed. Make sure chimney and stack covers and gutters haven’t blown away and replace if needed. Scan chimney for signs of water absorption by looking for calcium deposits on the brick or crumbling brick on your roof or walkway. Re-line chimney and perform tuckpointing as necessary. Clear gutters of all debris and make sure they’re securely attached and routed properly for best water distribution away from foundation.

Air Conditioning

Clean, inspect, and service your air conditioning units inside and out, including fans and drain panss. Most HVAC Service companies recommend a yearly service, in addition to regular self-maintenance, to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. Install window AC units now so you you’re literally out of the hot seat when a warm day hits.


Winter takes it toll from the outside in, so make sure to clean windows inside and out. If window panes have cracks or if frames are in disrepair, repair or replace them to keep your cooling system functional. Check and repair seals and recaulk all trim areas where caulk has peeled or cracked. Replace or install weatherstripping to areas where warm air is able to enter your home.


Check doors for proper fit in doorways and repair/replace as needed. Clean, inspect and repair door frames, jams, and thresholds for cracks and sign of water absorption. Consider a new high-efficiency door that can pay off come tax time.


Dust all window and door frames, furniture, ceiling fans and cabinetry (don’t forget the tops that you can’t see). Perform an extra vacuum of furniture and carpets and steam clean all as necessary. Wipe down cabinets and walls. Clean tile and repair any missing grout. Check all pipe and plumbing for leaks and repair/replace as needed. Declutter your home from winter activities and projects by putting things away, i.e. shovels, salt, puzzles, parkas and boots. Downsize by donating, selling, or passing on underutilized items. Open the windows and let the spring air flow through!

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